Shudras Are Aryans. Why?

Purusha Sukta, along with the Nasadiya Sukta is a famous hymn from the Rigveda. It describes how people, Devas and all take birth from the Virat Purusha. I am quoting some lines from this lengthy hymn. [10-090] HYMN XC. Purusa. A THOUSAND heads hath Purusa, a thousand eyes, […]

Avidya – The Anti-Knowledge

The most confusing component of ആdvaita വ്വ്edanta philosophy, that evoke uneasiness among the beginners, is the doctrine of Avidya or Maya. (There is an opinion that both are different and not same. But no such classification can be found in the Bhashya of Sankaracharya). The doctrine of Avidya […]

The Three levels of Ultimate Reality

Normally Māya of Advaita Vedānta is believed to be representing a non-existent thing, by the easy readers of Vedanta. In fact, its meaning is different. Māya in Advaita Vedanta denotes the ‘indescribable nature of phenomenal world’. Phenomenal world is not a ‘non-existing’ thing in Advaita Vedanta[1]. But it […]