The Three levels of Ultimate Reality

Normally Māya of Advaita Vedānta is believed to be representing a non-existent thing, by the easy readers of Vedanta. In fact, its meaning is different. Māya in Advaita Vedanta denotes the ‘indescribable nature of phenomenal world’. Phenomenal world is not a ‘non-existing’ thing in Advaita Vedanta[1]. But it […]

Why Are We Divine?

The most important and valued principle of Advaita Vedānta is that everything is divine. Advaita Vedanta achieves this by assigning a relative reality below the single, absolute Brahman. It is a realistic approach too. Though mainly reflects a absolute idealistic outlook, realism has a place in Advaita Vedanta, […]

Dualism in Monotheism

I had faced a peculiar situation, on many occasions of my life. It usually happens in the midst of a conversation with friends. My certain friends will opine that ‘they believe in God very well, but not in Ghost/Demon’. After presenting their view they simply abandon that topic, […]