About Me


Sunil Upasana hails from Kerala (India) and has been a Bangalorean for 17 years. He has had a deep yearning to understand the profound philosophy that underlies Hinduism. To this end, he has immersed himself in the rich literature tradition of his native land of Kerala. This inspired a whole lot of literary output from him and he has gone on to become a very sensitive and accomplished writer in Malayalam.

His works to date are: –

1. Kakkadinte Puravrutham – Epic Of Kakkad (Short Story Collection). 

2. Arsha Darsanangal – Indian Philosophy (Philosophical Essays). 

3. Bommanahalliyile Postman – Postman of Bommanahalli (Short Story collection).

4. Dimavpurile Sarpanch – Village Head of Dimavpur (Detective Novel).

Of these, Kakkadinte Puravrutham won the Kerala Sahitya academy’s (Geetha Hiranyan Endowment) Award for the best short  story collection for the year 2016.

Buddhism is also a school of thought that he has spent considerable time studying and analyzing. He can hold forth quite competently and confidently on the subject of Buddhistic thought as well as on Advaita philosophy both of which he has studied deeply.

Sunil is Bachelor Degree holder in Philosophy and has also done Diploma in Computer Hardware Maintenance. He has CCNA, MCSA, SCNA (Solaris), ITIL V4 Foundation, Terraform, Python and Google Cloud certifications and is working as Cloud Site Reliability Engineer in Bangalore. He also do volunteer works in special education field and is a student of Sign Language, which he manage fairly.

Sunil lost 45% of his hearing at the age of 12 and his experience in coming to terms with this gradual impairment has been the main crux of his upcoming autobiography titled ‘Being Hearing Impaired: Challenges Aspirations Realities’. Apart from his interest in literature and philosophy, Sunil is also very deeply interested in History, Politics and Classical Music & Dance.

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