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‘The Lost River: On the trail of Saraswati’ by Michel Danino

Is Saraswati River, prominent in Rigveda, a mythical river? Yes, as per 19th century Indologists. But, NO, since from Archaeology disproved Aryan Invasion/Migration to India from outside, by 1970s. Michel Danino's work is rich with stuffs, to substantiate the existence of Rigvedic Saraswati, now known as, Ghaggar-Hakra river. Author brings the picture, how the change in course… Continue reading ‘The Lost River: On the trail of Saraswati’ by Michel Danino

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Indian Philosophy (2 Vol) — S Radhakrishnan

This is among the best books I have read, so far. Magnum opus of Sri. Sarveppalli Radhakrishnan, a statesman and philosopher. In Plato's terms, a 'Philosopher King'. In this two volumes, first published in 1921, Radhakrishnan with his in-depth scriptural knowledge and insight consult, explain and criticise the Philosophical concepts from Rgvedic-Upanishadic times to Buddhist-Jainist schools… Continue reading Indian Philosophy (2 Vol) — S Radhakrishnan