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‘The Lost River: On the trail of Saraswati’ by Michel Danino

Is Saraswati River, prominent in Rigveda, a mythical river?

Yes, as per 19th century Indologists. But, NO, since from Archaeology disproved Aryan Invasion/Migration to India from outside, by 1970s. Michel Danino’s work is rich with stuffs, to substantiate the existence of Rigvedic Saraswati, now known as, Ghaggar-Hakra river. Author brings the picture, how the change in course of rivers can bring natural calamities, and destruction of advanced civilizations. Danino portraits, when Sutlaj, once one of the tributary of Saraswati, changed its flow route westwards (because of tectonic movements), how it creates continuous flood in Indus river (Sindhu river), and dehydration & gradual death to Saraswati river, destroying both Indus and Saraswati civilizations and forced the inhabitants of latter, to switch to Gangetic plains, thus resuming the Hindu Tradition.

Danino renames ‘Indus Civilization’ to ‘Indus – Saraswati Civilization” because major percent of the Indus archaeological Sites and newly detecting ones (including Dholavira, Kalibangan and Lothal) are along the Shores of Saraswati, rather than in Indus Valley.

Author’s Conclusion:-

* Reason for the Dehydration and disappearance of Saraswati River is the change in the course of Sutlej and Yamuna, due to tectonic movements, both of which were tributaries of Saraswati, in ancient times. Author provides the opinion of many geologists and methods of various scientific tests, in this part.

* Reason for collapsing Indus Valley Civilization (Harappa – Mohenjodaro) is the continuous FLOOD emerged, when Sutlej River changed its flow route from Saraswati to Indus (due to tectonic movements). Geologists located the locus, at where Sutlej joined Saraswati River and found out a wide bed (in kilometres) there, which clearly indicates that two rivers had joined in this area, in Ancient times.

* There was no destruction happened for Indus valley civilization. But they just changed their culture to Ganges Valley. Author evaluates the structure of building construction techniques and practicing of rituals at both location (Indus and Ganges Valley) and found many similarities between them.
Other major topics of this book:-

1. Building construction similarities, between Indus – Saraswati and Gangetic Civilizations.
2. Detailed maps of NW india’s Paleo-channels, before and after Sutlej changes course.
3. Examination of Mohenjodaro – Harappan seals.
4. Covers Archaeological sites on the banks of Saraswati River. I.e. Dholavira, Kalibangan, Lothal., etc.
5. Disproves, so called, ‘Aryan invasion/Migration Theory’.

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