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The Upanishads And Teachings Of Sri Buddha – Part 2: Pratītya-Samutpāda of Sri Buddha & Madhu-Vidya of Sage Dadhyāch

This is The Second Part Of Philosophical Paper Presented By Sunil Upasana In The Swadeshi Indology Conference – 2, Held At IGNCA, New Delhi On February 2017. To Read First Part, Click Here. Critique of Sheldon Pollock’s Theses             Western Indologist and professor at Colombia University, Sheldon Pollock […]

Asuras are not South Indians. Why?

In social media debates (most of them are low rate discussions), it is often argued that Asuras, mentioned in Indian religious literatures, are actually Dravidians. The inherent argument is that, Devas are north indians and Asuras are South Indians. The perpetuers of this theory are, as evident, trying […]